When you buy a featured link on our directory, your link appears first, on top of all your competitors. This is the best thing you can do for your site, and we will argument this with strong facts.

Let's take a look at how has Google been indexing our directory. If you type site:www.mygreencorner.com in Google and press "include omitted results", you get a few thousands of pages, depending on daily facts like crawl traffic, length and date of the last visit from Google bot, Google's uptime, server's response and so on. Now, if we look at how these are indexed, we will see that they are only indexed for the links in them. All of them have descriptions from our listings. All of them reveal one, maybe 2 listings, the first ones.

    Suppose that you have a site about apples. Suppose you have the following description: "Apples are the best fruits for your health.". Here is how Google is seeing your page through My Green Corner:

  • at the fruits category (intrinsic). Suppose there are 3 listings at fruits. Suppose your site has PR3, and the others have PR4. They are in front of you, because our directory is default sorted by PR. Google sees them first, our visitors visit them first. But you could change that very easily, by becoming a featured listing.
  • at tag "apple", as one of the first links, since not many sites are about apples or contain "apples" in their description.
  • at tag "fruits", the same.
  • at tag "best"
  • at tag "your"
  • at tag "health"
  • at tag "best fruits" and so on...
  • So, for a 8 words description and one anchor word, you get indexed in 7-8 pages, if you are among the first links listed in each category (if you are featured). How about for a 20 words description?
  • at your detailed description. And this is the most important. You see, the best thing about My Green Corner is that it ranks better for the keywords from your anchor. If you click on a description link, what you see is the following: the page title HAS YOUR site title, the page description HAS YOUR site description, and so on. This is a highly related page to your site, that's what he hope Google thinks. The only links from our page point to your site, or to a contact page, so that the client is able to contact you through us, on a secured form page. Your address is never shared, your privacy remains intact and you gain a good resource. Isn't this worthy?

    After sharing these with you, you are probably wondering how much traffic can get a site like ours, that has such a structure for its listings, only from search engines. Well, we get a lot. Just feel free to check the other sites listed, look at the HITS atribute. And another proof of our quality: type "free web directory", "business directory", "free directory" or "best web directory" in Google and see that we are among the first.

    If you have a new site, then this might be the perfect deal for you. Googlebot is hitting us every day, thousands of times per day. Same with other crawl robots from search engines like Yahoo, MSN/Bing, Altavista, Ask, Search and many more. If you purchase a featured link, you will appear on our first page, leaving enough time for all of these, on top with Google, to index your pages in less then 24 hours. Alexa will snap your site, so will others. You will get known on web in less then a day.

    "But where is my money going?" Back to you. We are investing everything that we make from featured listings back into My Green Corner. Our experts are building more performant management software, adding more resources to our database and more functionalities, thus helping My Green Corner in becoming stronger and stronger.

     Another good advantage is that featured submissions are reviewed in less than 24 hours while regular submissions can take anywhere between a few weeks and a couple of months, or never get listed.

     Last, but not least, you can advertise innerpages. You may submit any page from your site rather than the mainpage as you must in the case of free submissions.

If you want to feature your site in the main categories, please contact us before submitting.

The only bad part of our featured link campaign is that there are only 15 featured links on each category. We are sorry about this, but we are sticking with this number for esthetical and commercial reasons.

We would also like to add that our site has been elected as one of the greatest directories by the phpld community: check here.

We hope we clarified some things for you. We thank you for choosing us.

Best regards,

My Green Corner Team

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