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Terms of agreement:

  1. Due the nature of internet (it changes a lot, everything is evolving, nothing remains permanent), all links have a one year validation period, except for the featured plans for 2 years and permanent (these are also checked annually though).
  2. Reciprocal links are not necessary but we would greatly appreciate them, as long as they are unconditioned.
  3. No adult sites, drugs, sex, or illegal content sites will be accepted.
  4. Again, no adult sites, drugs, sex, or illegal content sites will be accepted. We are a family friendly directory.
  5. Use a valid email address, because submission will require validation.
  6. Submit titles and descriptions matching your website name only (for regular and reciprocal) and only in English. Don't use more then 3-4 words in the title, and always use the official title of the site.
  7. Due spam, top-category submissions are now closed. Contact us if you want to submit a site on top level categories.
  8. Do not submit links to affiliate programs or web sites that only contain affiliate links.
  9. Write good, quality descriptions. Submissions that contain too many errors or bad grammar will be rejected.
  10. Capitalize the first letter of each sentence in titles, descriptions as well as proper nouns. Make sure your description ends with '.'.
  11. Submissions that contain fields in all UPPER CASE or all lower case will be deleted.
  12. All links submitted will be reviewed and/or approved within 1 year, due the overwhelming amount of sites pending. If you wish your site live on our directory as soon as possible, please apply to a special plan. The fee represents the payment for the editorial process, not for the link.
  13. We will refund your submission fee if we feel that we cannot include your website, but not due to the errors above. We will not refund payments for reviewing sites that break more than one of the rules above or below.
  14. Submissions will be rejected if your website is (a) Made for Google Adsense (MFA) content only, (b) incomplete, (c) under construction or redirects visitors to an unrelated destination, (d) excessive keyword stuffing and (e) failure to submit to the correct category.
  15. We do NOT approve mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs. Sites with overlapping and repetitive content are not helpful to users of the directory and will not be approved.
  16. No parked web pages are allowed.
  17. You agree with the fact that we will use your email address to send you any eventual updates, newsletters or other information. Your email address is important to us, please note that we respect the privacy of our clients and will never share your email address with any third party.
  18. We reserve the right to edit, delete or move your website submission to the proper category whenever deemed necessary.
  19. One more thing, if your site isn't a good authoritive resource with proven history (we usually check whois and webarchive before approving) or doesn't offer original content (we also check that with copyscape), it most probably won't get accepted.
  20. For the free option we accept at this moment only non-profit sites, charity or official websites of educational or governmental institutions. It also helps to contact us and to explain us why you think your site should take part of our collection. Any other type of site must pay for the reviewing process.

Regular linkfree *(for non-profit sites only! Check rule #20!)
Standard link - permanent$19
Featured link - why buy this$35
Featured link - for 2 years$50
Featured link - permanent$75


Don't use special chars in the title (i.e. % , &, $, ?, ...). The use of "-" is not recommended. Read rule #6.


No inner pages, unless featured. Read rule #19 and the "why featured" page.


Don't use special chars for abbreviation (i.e. & instread of and). Read rules #9,#10 and #11.

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