You probably think Social Media Marketing is very difficult and expensive. You hear professionals complaining it takes a lot of time to see results. But the truth is that the only thing you need is the right tools and a proper setup, and you could just start generating new traffic and great leads in a matter of hours! "I can't afford this luxury", you'll say, "Our methods need to fit the budget". That's true, but let me tell you a secret: you can get all this for free!

Social media generated traffic is the right kind of traffic you need, because you can find people that are already in a “searching and buying mode”. For example, Pinterest is designed to search and collect products that you want to buy. So you don't have to do the extra work to convince them to buy! You just have to show them your products!

Of course this will require some work at first, but it has guaranteed and lasting results. I'll show you how to start benefit from this great source of traffic!

Your social media prerequisite should include amazing and unique content. But how can you focus and come up with new ideas, when you barely have time to post and share on your social websites? You need to come up with a better plan to succeed: start automating your social media! This is the most useful piece of advice that anyone can give you. Trust me on this. :) Automation will give you the time you need to concentrate on creative work.

Pinterest is the Social Media Marketer's surprise these days. It's the fastest growing social network, which makes it an amazing source for brand visibility and traffic as it has over 100 million users.

Learn to do Pinterest Marketing the right way

If your business is mostly based on visuals, or if your products can be showcased with pretty pictures, then you should definitely try Pinterest before you try Facebook!

How to start using Pinterest in your marketing strategy?

Step 1: Start by creating a professional Pinterest account. Take your time and create an interesting profile with a good description using relevant keywords for your business. This step is important if you want to create a very good first impression on your followers.

Step 2: Create up to 20 boards. You should have some boards on the subject, using keywords related to your business. For example, if your business is in fashion, you should have boards like “style inspiration tips”, “hot summer trends” or similar. Try to find creative names for your boards, to have a better chance to become more viral. Make the other boards about things you like and you're interested in, but your focus should be topics in your niche.

Step 3: Pin about 10, 20 images daily. Start pinning daily to grow your boards and don't forget to user your own website as the source URL for your images.

Step 4: Re-pin quality images. Search for pins based on your keywords and start re-pinning to your boards up to another 10 images daily. But don't pin them in bulk, try pinning on different times to reach more followers.

Step 5: Be active on Pinterest and like or comment on other people's pins. This can make you visible to other pinners that might like your content and follow you back.

Step 6: Follow boards in the same niche as you. You can get even more Pinterest exposure and have other people follow you back.Keep doing this for a while and you should soon start getting more traffic to your websites.

Step 7: Your next move should be: joining group boards. This is a very clever move, because group boards have thousands of followers that can see your pins. This can boost your Pinterest account and your website traffic.

How to join as contributor to group boards? Many Pinterest group boards tell you in their description the steps you need to follow to join as a contributor. If they don't have a description, you can leave a comment on one of the group owner's pins and kindly ask them to invite you as a contributor. To spot the group admin you should look for the group contributors: the admin is the first person listed as a contributor.

But now, you want to know how to speed things up, right? And most of all, how to keep all your boards updated and still having time to create more content? Automation is your answer! To be more exact: Mass Planner. Put your computer to work for you with Pinterest Planner and regain all the lost time!

With Mass Planner you can start scheduling your images to be pinned at perfect times, you can find pins by keywords and automatically re-pin them on your boards or you can auto-follow other boards. All the repetitive work will be automated, leaving you the time you need for creative work.

Obviously, you can't have Social Media Marketing without Facebook – the number 1 social network and traffic generator for marketers!

Your step-by-step guide to get started with Facebook Marketing

To get started with Facebook Marketing, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a Facebook account – but I'm sure you already have one.

Step 2: Create a business Facebook Page.(Facebook offers you nice tutorials, in case you don't know how to set up a Facebook Page.)

Step 3: Create a group in your niche. This can really help your brand, because you will have an active community with people interested in your business.

Step 4: Join groups in your niche. Start searching for a few hundred groups in your niche. Take your time and find all the targeted groups on Facebook and start joining them.Start by joining just a few groups per day, and then increase to a few dozen per day until you joined them all.Let's do a quick recap: by now you have a business page, a Facebook group and a few hundred Facebook groups in your niche that you joined. Keep your account and Facebook page active by posting great content every day.

Step 5: Create your first ad. Now it's time to get to work and create one or more ads for your business. Create a nice ad that generates interest and make people want to click it to find more information. If you have a clear message and a good value proposition, you should do just fine.Be creative and add a nice image for your message. Ads with pictures usually convert a lot better.

Step 6: Start posting your marketing message on all the groups you joined. You don't need to post on all the groups in the same day, you can spread your messages over several days.

Step 7: Post on your Facebook page also. Start by posting a special deal, a discount, a contest or anything that get people's attention. Go ahead and share that post on all the groups you're in. You will get more followers, because the groups are targeted to your niche, which means they're interested in your social content. You must use the share function within Facebook, and not just copy-paste the link, for better results.

Keep posting ads about your business, promotions, discounts, contests and in a few weeks you'll have a steady stream of amazing incoming traffic.

Easier said than done, right? All these steps are time consuming: searching for the groups, joining them, keep posting and sharing content on regular times. Most people give up before starting to see the results for all this effort. But there is an easier way: automate all the steps above and start focusing on what really matters – creating amazing content!

How to automate your Facebook Marketing?

You should know that if you want to integrate Facebook in your marketing strategy you should start using automation tools, like the Mass Planner. Mass Planner can help you with scheduling your posts, find the groups in your niche, join the groups you choose and share your posts on the groups you're in. This is pretty much everything you need to do to start getting that traffic you need.

The beauty with Mass Planner is that you will have all the great tools you need in one, without having to buy different and expensive tools for each social platform. You have automation for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, all in one, to get you started with social media marketing! What are you waiting for? Put Mass Planner to work for you and soon you'll see the traffic you always dreamed of!

Happy Mass Planning everybody!

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