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Why are fertilizers important for plants

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:28:01 AM

Fertilizers are the food for plants. They are nitrates mixed up with soil to make it for fertile. They are added to increase the quality of soil and help the plants to get more nutrients from the soil. But sometimes fertilizers can also harm the plants and the soil negatively. Excess use of fertilizers in soil can decrease the quality of soil and can also kill the plant completely. Moreover waste of fertilizers can mix up with ground water and flow into the water source which can be highly dangerous for drinking.

Low quality fertilizers can affect the plant in many ways. It can create disease to the plant like foliage cholrosis, dying problem and can even stop the growth completely. Sometimes the less quality of plant food can also lead to decrease the mineral quality of plant. Any plant that has been affected by bad quality fertilizer starts loosing its green color since the process of creating green chlorophyll stops in these plants. But sometimes many trees and flowers which have less capacity to produce chlorophyll can developed much faster when provided with nitrogen fertilizers. These fertilizers have strong effect on the way plants are grown. They can simply stop the growth or enhance it. So, use of any kind of fertilizer should be done with strong monitoring.

Different plant nutrition is also available in the market. They are too important but there is certain rule that applies before you start giving these nutrition to the plant. You should give certain amount of nutrition to the plants. Absence of complete mineral can stop the process of lifecycle within the plants. Though these minerals are not required by nature but putting them gains much faster results in plant development.

The most necessary elements that plants require for their growth are the nitrogen, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphorus. Though plants can get these elements from the soil itself, but adding extra minerals and nutrition into the soil is much appreciated as it increase the ability of soil to produce these minerals. Besides this plant can easily get carbon, hydrogen and water for their life from the air itself.

Some elements like iron, copper might be needed in very small quantity  can be extracted form the soil but plants need huge amount of nitrogen, potassium etc. which can only be given by extra use of fertilizers.

Fertilizers help plants to get extra energy from the soil. Like in human beings minerals extracted from the soil help build the immune system of the plants which then leads to fight against outer germs and disease. There are many things that effect the growth of a plant. A plant grown in nursery can be healthier while a plant in a landscape will have to fight for its existence.

Fertilizers can effect differently in each environment. It highly depends on the soil, plant and the ground water level. If the soil reacts with the nitrogen present in the fertilizer than that can be harmful for the plant.

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