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Whats's in Web 2.0

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:34:33 AM

When I started using internet, the first website I came to know was “worldsex” thing that my friend showed to me. I wonder if you’d believe me if I say that I never hit a porn site on myself. Then, my friends would spend their money surfing those sites while I spent almost double on browsing through different things. Once I learned HTML, I couldn’t stop creating those flashy and colorful webpages. Now, I know how simple design can win ‘complicated’ hearts. But now, with the introduction of Web 2.0, I’ve found a new challenge to keep things simple and as user-friendly as possible through the use of new technologies.
One of the best things about the Web 2.0 is the concept that those who visits our websites can also say something, share something valuable. It is the idea that the lots of those people want and have something valuable to say. No doubt that it gives the power to voice to the people. The power of Web 2.0 is bestowed in the people who can take part in endless discussions. It’s this power that makes the Web unique and more powerful than its earlier forms.
Now the ordinary people can have their say, and the big media houses are also providing spaces for them to express their views. The “I Report”, “Have Your Say” and other forms of citizen-powered news portals have only increased in the recent years.  Now not only the experts, intellectuals or specialists can air their opinions or get their write ups published, but ordinary people can too express themselves. The idea is definitely wonderful and millions of people from throughout the globe are contributing to the growth of the Web 2.0 websites.
Now wonder that there would be lots of marketing hype to create a brand “Web 2.0” this and that stuffs. But the social media websites and the falling price on internet connection and its expanding network is playing a significant role in turning the world into a global village.
Multi-media portals and paper-free offices are just the beginning of the digital revolution. The advancement in science and technology would benefit the entire mankind, but we must be always remain careful so that the power of the “we media” is not misused. At the same time despite the Web 2.0 hype, the US economy still sucks balls. It is sad to see talented and passionate people to stake everything to make it big in the Web 2.0 gold rush. They all want to become popular overnight by building something for A-list bloggers to link to.
But that was not what Web 2.0 was really all about. It was the sense of innovation, generosity, and social value that it was based on, the user-friendly websites created out from sheer passion for replacing old tools with new ones that we can use.  In the process of monetization, one wonders if the genuine creativity would get lost in the process as the creative activity becomes infested with money.

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