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What's behind Organic skin care

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:11:06 AM

Organic skin care is the natural way of treating body skin. If anything can be done in a natural way then there is no use that artificial means be used for that purpose. The very first time when men knew that he needs to take care of his skin, it was organic skin care that he first found to be useful for his skin. Using organic skin care does not have any bad effects on body and it even costs less than inorganic means. Organic skin care has the ability to fight against lot of skin problem and can help keep a body looking young for a longer time. A survey has showed that people using organic skin care system have fewer wrinkles than people who use inorganic methods. Moreover the shine of the face remains intact even when aging starts for people applying organic methods.

Fruits and vegetables are the most important part of organic skin care methods. Many fruits are used to cure skin problems. Fruits like apple, papaya, orange are commonly used in skin care methods. These fruits have such ingredient that refreshes your skin and brightens your skin. Each and every skin care book gives a whole lot of information on organic skin care methods. So, you can choose the means that are most important for your skin. While using fruits for treatment its good to use fresh fruits, do not use rotten once because they may create problem in long run.

One of the best determinants of organic skin care is Milk. It has the most beneficial healing power and when it is mixed with oatmeal it becomes the best cleanser of all time. Oatmeal is good for skin with oily nature. It can be used with lots of variants like milk, honey, fruits and lots of facial packs too can be made from it.

Wheat germ which is rich in Vitamin E has great ability of exfoliation and gives a lot of moisturizing properties. It too can be used with lot of other materials to create a good facial pack. It is normally used for dry and normal skins. Yogurt is specially used to moisture the skin and it is lot useful for exfoliation too. Organic honey is also very important in retaining moisture and gives skin a glowing shine.Rosewater tones a skin and if taken regularly it shines the skin and besides it Lavender water is also very useful in skin care problems.

Organic skin care has lots of determinants that can be used in many combinations to enhance once body. These combinations help to decrease the harmful effects on body and give skin a shining glow. The experiments have clearly shown that the organic methods are much more efficient that the artificial methods. It is also advised that people who have skin problems should always stick to organic methods as they don’t create health issues.

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