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Watching Films in Better Ways

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:30:05 AM

Why do you watch movies? Just for fun? To pass time? Or you're like me, who thinks if I'm going to 'waste' my time watching a movie, I should better watch such a movie from which I can learn something. At least, watching a movie other than just to pass one's time is certainly enhanced by viewing it with an informed awareness of how a film works, and with some understanding, of the skill and background training in the elements film-making.
To understand a film, each movie-goer should learn to be a 'critic' first and be receptive of the whole experience.

The film is a world, and viewing a film critically and attentively helps you to understand what is a real celluloid experience. With an informed mind, and trained eys, you can easily understand even vague and obscure but intriguing works of art. It helps us to understand a film's complex and dense 'language,' the conventions, codes, symbols, cinematic attributes, and other factors that is related to the craft of film-making.
You've spent hundreds of hours watching television and movies. But do you have spend even a few hours to study or acquire a little knowledge about the aspects of film-making? If you've not, then why not do so to fully understand the 'language' of film.
First choose a type of movie that is worth your while. No doubt that students of film studies would probably prefer to study some of the classics of cinema, rather than watching the latest popcorn films, horrors, thrillers, or action films or blockbuster.
There is a very long list of types or genres of films. There are pure 'entertainment' fimls too. But I recommend you to read some reviews first, before deciding to watch a film. If you like surprises then read about the directors or actors first. I feel so bad after watching bad movies, you know so I cannot afford to take a chance. But yes, surprises are a crucial element of film-making.
Some films deserve second-viewing. Well, most of the good movies by good directors need second viewing for sure. The first viewing is enough to become familiar with the basic plot, main characters and such a general synopsis of the film. However, the second viewing is must to understand the details of what is being shown, to study the techniques of the  hands and imaginations of the director and to educate yourself more about the film's structure, the performance of the actors, the camera shots and angles, among other things.
Why do you hate those sub-titles? Why they are there? Not just because you are watching a Korean flick, but you don't know the language. You can use the closed-caption feature with most DVDs so that you can better understand the dialogue. Yes, you should also make a habit of watching behind the scenes and extra-shots to understand the whole process through which your favourite movie has come.
Watch movies this way, and you'll be surprised at what you see.

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