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The myths of e-commerce

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:21:23 AM

Internet has gone to a far extent in our world than just sending mails or having online chats. There are people who completely live on internet. They have their whole business running through this medium. Internet has not only made us able to trade through it but also helped to do many more things online. Internet marketing has created many new marketing gurus and they have brought in new concept in the online promotion world. But still there are some things that hinder people to use internet.

People think that buying things on internet might not be of good quality. They fear of get scammed online or get trapped in to some kind of fraud. So, they hinder from using internet. Secondly people think that working on internet takes more time and they might not be able to give out such time.  But if you plan to work online then you can simply work from anywhere. You won’t require any office setup and can even write down your plans from your home.

There is also a misconception that working on internet takes huge amount of investment and normal person cannot invest that much amount. They also fear of not getting enough profit back from the online business. There is very less investment in terms of capital in any online business. With a slight research you can start an online business with almost negligible amount of capital. Lack of technical knowledge also stops many people from jumping into internet based business. Some people simply don’t understand the terms like web, html, and http, so they fear to go into internet. While these days there is no need to be an expert. One can simply hire a person to look after any technical aspect of the company.

People also fear of the competition they have on internet. There are huge numbers of people working online and they fear of getting lost. Though there are many people but still there is huge room for many more businesses since internet is expanding each and every day and more and more people are joining it by every passing moment. Failure is also possible in internet but one should not fear of having failure because that happens even in traditional business. If you can do a good research then there is no way that you will fail in anyway.

Many still have conception that if they don’t get into search engine rankings then there website will not bring in new customers. But no one reached to the top positing instantly. If you remain in business for few days then you can certainly reach at top but that requires time. Moreover there is no advertising budget in internet as you can promote your business for almost for free using blogs and forums.

There can be hard times in any business. But to fear and not investing can be more hurting. Once you jump into this bandwagon you simply find out that it is not a place of rocket science. If you can stick and work hard then you will certainly sustain but if you let loose then you might find it hard to even keep your website updated.

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