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Sounds King!

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:14:26 AM

Initially, collectors might have started coin collecting because of having extra coins after a trip or liking the design of a certain coin as it is encountered or seeing a really old coin which is not in circulation anymore and just wanting to keep it.
 As the collectors interest increase, so will the appetite for more variety or more specific coins. Most coin collectors are generalists and they prefer to have a little bit of everything while others are very specific with what they want and prefer to collect coins of a certain variety.
Coin collecting has become a sort of competition for the collectors who wish to outwit and outshine the others with their collections. Others are just plain proud of having a unique set of coins not found anywhere else. This competition then makes coin collecting very expensive since collectors strive to obtain the most prized or most sought after coins.
The country theme is to collect coins from as many, if not all, countries possible. This is relatively easy since travel nowadays is fairly common. One may also obtain the desired coins through the internet of via friend network.
Year collection theme is based on the year that the coin came out. Collectors have many bases for coin collecting by year. It could be based on a specific coin like a penny or dollar and collect it from the very first time it was minted and get the versions up to the present.
 Some mintmarks are rarer and therefore more difficult to procure. This makes coin collecting more exciting and expensive.
During older times when the dies were hand made, some of them may have slight differences which are now the basis for collecting this sort of theme.
Coin collecting also includes a theme based on errors made on the coins. Errors were more often found on coins made before the 19th century, when the process of minting was not yet automated. This makes for more mistakes which are the happiness of modern day collectors. Some of the variety collections can also be found in the error collections.
Collections based on subjects are also fairly common. Examples of these are coins with animals or boats which are classified as one subject. The difficulty in this coin collection is how to look for a specific coin around the world.
Composition of the coin can also be a basis for coin collecting. Several international coins are composed of different kinds of metals. Some are a combination of two or three metals.
Period collections are based on the period from which the coins were minted. Several collections comprise of coins from the Victorian era while others go as far down history as the Byzantine or Greek period. There are several periods which can be the bases for coin collecting.
Coin collecting has so far been a rather expensive hobby but the excitement and pride of owning a collection is worth it. So doesn't it sound, Like King!

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