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Should you go online for your education

Date Added: November 12, 2007 01:22:29 PM

Internet has brought a drastic change in our life. Now we have become more mobile and can get anything on our finger tips. Days are gone when you had to travel distance for anything or use telegrams to send a simple message. Increasing use of email and internet has also brought changes in the way we study and take education. The online education system has brought many changes in the whole educational faternity

Students sitting far away from their teachers can learn in real time. They don’t have to be present physically in place to get the education. Generally, people who take online education are also known as distance learner. These are those people who are not present on the premises of college, don’t have any person to teach them, are mobile, self motivated to learn things on their own. They can work during the class hour and complete the course with the time and flexibility.

Online education can be a better medium of education as it can feature in many tools for perfect learning but the student should be self dependant and motivated to take the education as their will be no one to motivate or instruct him to study. Online education is normally only for higher class student who also have to work along with study. It is not suitable for younger student since they need motivation and direct guidance while learning.

Millions of student today are taking online education through many universities. Even more companies are providing free online education to their employees who want to complete their education. A survey reveled that the student relation grows much better in online learning that classroom education. But there are certain things that should be looked before taking online education:

  1. Online education can be can be cheaper in some terms as you save gas, bus fare, etc and don’t have to commute to school or college but it can be difficult to stay at home and learn as their will be no one around you to keep you motivated.
  2. Internet has made it easy to learn from home but if you don’t posses correct equipment like fast internet , good computers then it can become though to take regular courses.
  3. Many colleges and universities are providing online learning but still many fake colleges too have erupted that don’t have any accreditation and disappear in few months.
  4. Online learning systems is much more flexible but if you are not self motivated than you can loose lots of time in managing things.

The online learning system was not much popular in its early days but now since every household has an internet connection so it is gaining popularity. Many big universities are starting the online learning program with aim to capture the people who want to continue their education but cannot move to places.

However, online education is both good and bad in a way. If you can garner its benefits then you can learn easily from your home else you might loose lots of time and money. Decide well, and do a good research on colleges before jumping into online learning because once you start it might be too late to get back.

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