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Quick tips on preparing a Water Garden

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:41:01 AM

The craze for gardening is increasing these days. Many new people are inclined towards this new fashion and are preparing a garden within the backyard or front yard of their home. This has also brought in many new concepts of gardening. One of the most popular concepts coming up in recent times is Water Gardening.  It is a kind f plantation of water streams like waterfalls, ponds, fountains, etc. According to its name, it is a way of building a garden around the water source of your garden. There are many ways of illuminating these gardens by adding extra rocks, lights and fish in the water sources. It is not necessary that the water garden be prepared in the outdoors in ponds or in waterfalls. You can even have water garden in a pot or in plastic tub. It only needs a surface that can hold some water into it.

The most important thing while preparing a water plant is that you should be able to provide enough sunlight to the garden. Since the plants and fish that you put into the garden will need sufficient sunlight so it is very important that you keep these garden away from trees and other bushes. Doing this will also help you keep the garden clean from leaves and other debris.

The very first thing you should do while designing a garden is to decide on the size of garden. You should choose the size according to the location and size of your landscape. You cannot build too big garden so that it doesn’t accommodate in the area or too small so that it cannot be found. You should also fix a budget for the garden because there are many more thing you can add into a garden and if you don’t hold on you may waste huge money on extra stuffing for the garden. You should also be able to give out time for the care of garden so choose the size according to your budget, time and ability to handle it.

Fish and other aquatic animals are very important to have when you create a water garden. You should make sure that the plants don’t cover complete area since fish will require some place to move within the water. You can use different types of water for water garden. Some plants will just be floating while some will get submerged within the water. You can simply use some plants because of their beauty while you may have to keep some plants because they provide more oxygen within the water that will be helpful for your fish.

The most important part of water gardening is to keep it fresh and clear from debris. Algae are the biggest problem while having a water garden. If you don’t maintain your garden and leave it open, you are bound to have huge amount of algae in the water that makes it look dirty and unhygienic on the same time.You should have a perfect filtering system to clear the debris and algae present in the water to keep your garden clean.

Your garden shows your personality. The more time and money you spend on your garden it will only increase its beauty. Gardens will require care throughout the year. So, be prepared for the hard work before jumping into water garden.

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