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How to use your Digicams better

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:31:36 AM

Digicams don’t do everything. You must have heard that the better Camera you get the pictures will be better. You might have even thought same for digital camera. Many people think that Digicams are the best way to get high quality pictures. But that’s wrong.

Normal film cameras and Digicams have been in competition only in recent times. The 3 mega pixel camera gives and plethora of options to the consumer and has a good modal for point an shoot and same goes with 5 mega pixel cameras. Digital Cameras give an excellent photographic quality.

The main benefits of digital camera are that :  pictures are easily available on LCD screen, cost of films is reduced by memory stick which can be re-used for tons of images, images can be easily shared among friends and does not requires getting them printed on paper, lot of manipulation can be done in an easy way.

But images taken in low light by both types of cameras however give bad quality images which can be further enhanced and quality can be increased by use of softwares.
It is not the camera that makes the photo great, it is normally the man behind the camera who can click a one time great piece or just have a lousy image.

There are some points which you can summarize to have a great photo from your gadget. Here are the points:

Always change white balance setting from auto to cloudy when you are shooting out door sceneries. This will help to manage the yellow and red tone and will give a better quality image.

 Try to polarize your shots. This helps in taking outdoor shots. Polarized shots have higher color because reflections and glare are removed from the shot.

 Flash on or fill flash mode is one the best feature if Digicams. It allows you to control the use of flash, it will only go when you want it and this helps a lot to take outdoor photographs.

Most photographers would want to see the details of the surrounding and the best method to do that is to choose a symbol like flower and get as close as possible to the flower. Once you get the point then you should just click to shoot the portrait. Moreover using shallow depths will help you concentrate more on object you want to shoot and else everything will go fine.

Many photographers will find their images tilted in some cases, to avoid such bowness you should take the straight picture and take next picture after repositioning the camera angle. Then delete those which you feel are not aligned to the picture.

Every photographer should have massive storage devices so that you can shoot images whenever you want and the memory does not hurt you. A 3 mega pixel camera should have 256 MB memory card whereas a 6 mega pixel should have 1 GB of memory card. This way you will never miss another shot because of less memory.

Do not take high resolution images every time. It is much better to shoot with low resolution and low quality. This will help you save a lot of space for your next great picture.
But if you have tons of space then its better to go for high resolution and lower your chance to have high quality images.

You need always carry your tripod with you. They are bulky and acquire a lot of place. There are many other small solutions which you can use instead of tripods.

It is creativity and technique that make a good photographer, only the make of camera does not ensures that you will have the great picture of the year.

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