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How to make your linkbait campaign successful

Date Added: November 12, 2007 01:17:03 PM

Linkbait has come up as a new exciting technology on the internet for the innovative internet marketing. People who are in this business for long know the pros and cons of the linkbait and how powerful it is to get you instant traffic but for most it is still a controversial form of marketing who understand very little about linkbaiting. Linkbait is only a new way to get more traffic to a site but few people take it seriously and come up to explain its ethical and social values.

It is know method that the more links you get to your site, the more traffic you will get and in turn your business will grow. There are tons of method to get effective and quality links, like writing unique articles, submitting press releases, exchanging links with other sites, submitting to web directories, but none of the way can bring you links like linkbait. Linkbait has a power that can bring you unlimited numbers of links in few hours if the linkbait strategy works perfectly.

Linkbait is simply a method of creating content on Internet that can generate enough interest from other people who voluntarily create link back to your sites and even spread the word about the content into their network. Linkbait is just another form of viral marketing. Linkbait can sometime spread like jungle fire and can bring in huge backlinks in short period of time. It needs to create a buzz in the industry so that users create backlinks without you asking them to do it for you. Once the linkbait strategy takes momentum your site will start getting backlinks without you being aware of it.

The most important factor in success of a linkbait strategy is the content should be powerful enough to create a interest among the users. Other users should find something interesting and new in the content which forces them to give a backlink to the content and flow the information within their network. There are many techniques which have worked in the field of Linkbait and few are as follows:

Hyper-sensitive subjects
In every industry there are certain subjects and topics that create a debate among the users’ every time they are posted on a site or a blog. Your one blog entry will put you in one camp of the debate and other camp will come firing you on your site and users will get alert on the debate. This method surely brings in huge traffic but you need to be sure that the debate does not go out of your control.

Interesting Story
If you are selling some product on your site and that product has done some miraculous thing or has saved someone's life then write about it. Suppose if you sell trekking equipment and one of your clients has recently climbed a huge mountain then interview him and write about his story. These kind of interesting stories pull in lots of users towards the site and sometime they can even become a subject matter to talk in IMs and emails which certainly brings in some extra traffic to your website.

Give things for Free
People love having things for free. Give everyone something for free. When people will know about your freebies they will recommend you to their friends and in turn they will visit your site. Sometimes even some people can write about your site for free with a backlink and post it in huge traffic site; this method too brings in huge traffic and is a perfect example of Linkbait.

There are many more amazing ideas for linkbait that can bring in an extra life to your website. You many not find new ideas every day, but whatever idea you start with try to work on it for a longer time. Linkbait is not an overnight game which will bring you instant traffic. It needs to create a buzz and once it is created you get massive inbound links. In most cases it is better to work with a professional internet marketing specialist to get your linkbait campaign success. A unique linkbait always works perfectly but it needs to be implemented with full dedication which will explode your sites traffic

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