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How can grass turfs be useful to your garden

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:10:10 AM

Grass turfs are a great way to have a evergreen garden.. Most people will not think this a great idea because grass turfs are only used in huge landscapes and in expensive areas but with slight knowledge and preparation one can easily have these turfs installed in the garden too.

Turfs come up with living grass in it. It does not has artificial grass. They need proper watering once they are installed and before installing them you need to have removed the soil from your existing garden so that it can be put properly. You have to put the turfs on the place as soon as you get it so prepare the soil well before purchasing the turfs.

Clear all the debris that are on the ground, remove every grass and clean the whole landscape before installing the turf. Since a small piece a plant underneath the turf can harm and the results can be seen for long term. You will have to remove the grass completely from the root and this might require hard work but once you finish the removal completely then you can make sure that your turf is installed properly. Do a good research and plan well before you buy the turf. If it’s not possible for you to clean the complete garden then hire some people to remove it. Do not throw the waster or grass that you collect from the ground since that can be used for other purpose around the garden too.

Grass turf needs deep rooting. They will only be good and livelier when the grass on it can grow in a better way. Turfs are also like plants. They also need proper sunlight, air and water with good amount of nutrients. The type of soil and the preparation you put in installing these turfs will greatly effect how well these turfs grow.

The most important thing is to prepare the soil for the turf. If your soil is easy to break then you need to remove all the stone and roots present in the soil and if it is of low quality and does produces much then  you will need to add up extra top soil on the ground before installing the turf. The topsoil that you will put on the ground must be of high quality and that can absorb the turf. Try to put the soil all around the ground so it covers the garden completely.

Since turfs are live things they must be installed within 24 hours from purchase. Unless you don’t laid it out the green grass keeps dying and if you spent more time then you will have complete grey turf after installation. Once your turf is complete laid out, the second thing you need to do is water properly. The water must be laid out for almost a week unless the turf is completely firm on the ground.  You can increase or decrease the amount of water you give to the turf but it should be enough so that the soil underneath the turf is able to soak it. Make a habit to water the turf each day either in morning or evening and do accordingly. A light mistake in watering can make create problems with your turf.

Laying turf is not a hard deal but you should have proper tricks to get the things right. Just don’t install it because it looks good, your soil and ground should also be able to hand it.

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