We are a group of enthusiast people that want to make the web a safer and easier environment for everybody to use. We have put a great deal into this web site and we pride ourselves with its quality. If you are listed in our directory we offer you our stamp to add it on your site, not only as a symbol of our appreciation for your efforts, but also as a symbol of the quality of your site. Please take note that the image is copyrighted, so do not use it unless you are a member of our community. To add the stamp to your site, you can simply copy the image bellow or you can insert the following code:

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My Green Corner

Here are some other stamps, choose what ever you like.

Stamp 2:

My Green Corner

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My Green Corner

The owner on My Green Corner is Duguleana Mihai (friends call him Dugu). He resembled us; a young team of internet brainiacs in constant search for high quality resources, friends and free stuff, offering professional help where needed. We put our knowledge at your disposal; don't be afraid to profit from this opportunity. If you wish to get in contact with My Green Corner team, if you wish to be our friend, simply hit the contact page. We read through each and every e-mail we receive and we try to answer as soon as we can. However, it's not possible to answer them all, we hope you understand.

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