If you're new to the fight against spam, you sould read this page that My Green Corner team has built for you. By opening this page you helped us get spammers kicked off of the Internet, which will indirectly reduce the amount of spam you receive every day. Unfortunately, the only way to receive less spam is the hard way... asking nicely to be removed might very well work in a few situations, but is more likely to result in more spam!

Spammers believe that the best way to promote whatever they're selling is to get as many emails out to as many recipients as possible, figuring that that will allow them to reel in the largest number of suckers. Even some "legitimate" emailers practice this method of advertising, even though they're alienating the vast majority of their potential customers this way. What we are doing here is giving spammers more email recipients. Fake ones, to be more exact. Spammers collect most of their email addresses using spam-bots that search the Web looking for email addresses in websites. The best way to block spam is to clog up the spammers databases - sometimes it's best to fight fire with fire. Spammers have been flooding our email accounts for years, so maybe it's time to flood spammers with fake email addresses. Each fake email address sucked up by the spammers, equals one less spam email in someone's mailbox.

Please contact our fake email addresses

Bill Clark SEO Expert
Jackson Espina Junior
Greg Smett Advertising Manager
Julie Rabney SEO Consultant
Sarah Espina Junior
Jim Rowen Technical Support
Jackson Craig Human Resources
Dick Miko Sales Manager
Brad Miko Sales Manager
Bill Vlasien Human Resources
Brad Craig Regional Sales Manager
Jackson Rowen Human Resources
Julie Wald Regional Sales Manager

More emails here

Spammers piss me off, probably as much as they as they piss you off - it's about time that we do something about it! If you what to help, you can do that by placeing one of the following pieces of code into your site. When a spam-bot hits your website, it will find the link to this page, a page that will help to clog their database with the randomly generated fake email addresses.

Thanks for helping.

It should look like this:

My Green Corner spam safe site

It should look like this:

My Green Corner spam safe site

Best regards,

My Green Corner Team

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