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Photo Gallery - Why you should use one for your images

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:24:58 AM

Traditional analog cameras are going out of fashion each day and digital cameras are coming up. They are cheap and easy to shoot the images. Now one can see even the novice of user holding a camera and shooting images. Even the smallest of mobile phones are coming with a digital camera that has made photography a game of kid.

Many digital equipment are coming with camera installed in it be it Mobile phones, web cams, and many such things. Cameras are coming with every possible thing. But though these cameras are popping up and people are increasing snapping images but hardly anyone goes to print those images on paper. You simply burn it on a CD or a DVD and keep it in your rack. You don’t have to take your hip of roles to the color lab for processing them into photographs. Simply burn it and watch on a screen but this also sometimes creates problem when you have tons of images and have to sort between them. You cannot find one image that you are looking unless you have named it with some remembering filename. In that case you should be using a photo gallery that easily sorts your images according to date, size and name.

There are many photo galleries available in the market. There are free, paid, standalone and online photo galleries that can handle tons of images at a point of time. Softwares like Picassa from Google are best among free photo galleries. Flickr is another good online photo gallery option that stores your images and you also get option to share the images with your friends and relatives through flickr.

There are many picture sharing sites that will readily give you free space to store your images though few might have some limitation and might be lacking in some features, but online version is much better that standalone since you get ability to share your images with other directly through internet. To store images on online photo gallery, you simply need to register for the account on the site and upload all the images. Then you get separate URL or hyperlinks for each image that you can send in through email to your friends for viewing.

The standalone version is hosted on your personal computer and comes with many more features than online version. You can even edit the images in some standalone photo galleries. They are fast and the images are stored on your own hard disk so you should not fear about any copyright or safety issues. Standalone photo galleries do lack the feature of sharing images between users but using little software that can connect to internet you can directly send images from your software to your friends.

Standalone or online, photo galleries have made viewing images more easier than before., Initially when you had to go through each image to find one particular image, now you can simply tag a image with keyword and search t whenever you want to view it.

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