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How to make money out of blogs

Date Added: November 12, 2007 01:10:35 PM

Can blogs make money? This is what my friend asked me. And, yes I didn’t know it until I started making money from my blogs - for some six-seven months now. But more important than money, blogging has gave me a name. 
To be precise, blogging is a new way of maintaining online journals or diaries which are great for sharing information and ideas- personal or public. It could be a personal dieary, a daily pulpit or a collaborative space. Blogs can also be political soapbox, some say it can be a breaking-news outlet. A list of long links, blogroll. Anything, and everything. From text to audio, music, images and video, blogs can have everything.
With various types of blogs, some going for photoblogs, some for art, some for books and some for videos and songs. Plain text blogs are also very popular, and blogging cannot be defined in few words anymore. It’s a substation, a big turning point in the history of human civilization. Easy to make, and without any technical knowlgede. One only needs to be able to voice, able to express in any medium one wants- and have some ability to use computers. That’s it, then you’re al ready to go. Nothing takes time to get online, and nobody will dictate you to write this or that.
Internet surfing is not a fun without understanding what kind of people are out there. When you connect personally with those who are writing there, about their own lives, you start to enjoying reading them and longing for their feedbacks and comments as well.  It’s just like expressing all your problems and showcasing your dreams to the world. Blogging is fun, more than fun actually, and it can be a very powerful medium to voice your concerns for a cause.
Well, there is a long history of blogging. It was not in the form it is today, but it was always there. In some ways, in form of a diary! However, it became something of a big thing in the last few years. No wonder that some of the biggest and well known blogs are attracting millions of visitors every day. They are more than pages of links - they have the characteristic of a person, it has the power to reflect the personalities of their owners. You can call it some sort of web pages, personal webpages that are updated very frequently. New posts are put chronologically. The new post takes the place of the old post, and old goes into the archives.
The power fob logs can be used, and has been used, for social activism too. Some of the political blogs are very popular, and there we can see the actual discussion. How the blogs have became a place for sharing ideas and organizing people to do something. Be it personal cause or any political campaigns, one can utilize its power to the full extent.
May be that’s why there are millions of blogs, and thousands of new blogs are added every day.

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