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How to have a flower bed in your garden

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:40:25 AM

Gardens are a gem for any house. People simply love garden that have flowers, plants, shrubs and lush grass in them. We let grass grow in almost al the place in the garden but still we prepare some special places in the garden were we would like the flowers to be grown. These beds should be specially prepared with the kind of flower in the mind.

When you decide to plant flowers in the garden, it is very important that you should know about the kind of flower. Most flowers only grow in some season while some grow throughout the year. Therefore you should have a plan on how to keep your garden blooming al the year round with different flowers. You need to mix up flowers and some perennials together to get a vibrant and blooming garden.

Perennials come in different varieties. They can be like Daisies, Foxglove and lavender. There are some general flowers type that you can plant in your garden to make it look flowery through the year. You can even color your garden with only one type of flowers; like you can plant only rose with red color to have a red impression of your garden. But planting similar flowers can be difficult than having different shades of flowers.

Coloring your garden with only color can be a different experiment and will give a exciting view of the garden. It will send a reddish view to the viewer and the garden with look different from other general paces. Moreover to bring in more effect you can add other contrasting colors to give lightening effect to the whole view.

Normally, people only plant flowers in flower bed, but you also have option to plant them in pots and others large tubs, besides that you can also grow some flowers in the fish pond situated in your garden. Adding flowers in such way will look splashier in nature and the viewer will find bunch of extra flowers in the whole garden. You also have option to grow some tropical plants in the garden to give the garden a tropical and exotic look.

There are many special flowers that grow in certain kind of conditions. You can find out which special flowers is best suitable for your locality and grow them accordingly. This will lot only add up to the view but also increase the variety of flowers in your garden. Some flowers are edible too; you can also plant them with your vegetable. Begonias are a type of edible plant which not only increases the beauty of the place but is also healthy food to eat.

Gardening can be fun in sometimes but when you buy flowers for your garden be prepared to control your emotions and buy only those that can be grown in garden. Most flowers need extra attention so be sure that you can take out that extra time to take care of these flowers, else you will only ruin your money in dream to have a beautiful garden.

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