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How to Keep Your Pond in Good Condition

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:33:07 AM

It is very important to keep your pond in good condition. If you find that your pond is having problems then it will take you more time to solve it rather that preventing the problem from occurring in the first place.

1. Water Quality
Water filtration system also should be very good because the life of fish depends on freshness of water. You can do the water filtration in two ways, biological and mechanical. Biological filtration make a nitrogen cycle which remove the dissolved wastes from the pond and mechanical method relieve the ponds from deal algae, insects and other Koi wastes. If more waste is dumped into the pond then it will turn into ammonia and kill your Koi in quick time.

You should always keep your pond clean. A clean pond can make your pond look more beautiful.  This will also help your Koi live a stress free life and potentially suffering from less health problems. The ponds water is not only the place where Koi leave and eat but it is also the place where they use it as bathroom. SO, you should clean the pond regularly to removes those wastes and dirt from the pond.

The water should always be clear, you should never throw debris and trash in your pond and Koi should be seen as floating in air. If you cannot see the bottom of the pond then you should know that your pond is not clean.

2. Keep Supplies On Hand

When you start to build you new Koi pond you may get overwhelmed by the tools needed to maintain the Koi pond. While you cannot deny the important of such items but you should not get overwhelmed by the amount needed. If you have the basic knowledge of the tools then you will know why they are needed.
You will always require some items to be in your hand since your pond is outdoor and problems can occur anytime. You cannot predict the condition of nature and should be prepared to face any situation you fall in.

3. Do Not Overfeed

Overfeeding is one problem that every Koi pond owner faces. It can turn to be water quality issue. Many pond owners feed many pounds of food to their Koi which creates lot of waste and degrades the quality of the water. It is very important to vacuum the bottom out as much to keep the bottom free from all types of waste materials.

4. Prevent Common Illnesses

Initially when your buy a new set of Koi fish, it is better to check them for any health issue for at least 15 days before you put them into the pond. Always check your new fish for illness or viruses such as KHV or Herpes Virus before putting them into your pond. This will reduce the risk of introducing a deadly situation to them pond.

It is moreover very important that when you check your Koi it should be separate from every other creature. This will help you find out if that Koi has any health problem. You should use separate food, tools and water and never use them in any other place. You should also remember to wash your hands when handling Koi and Koi items.

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