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Cricket - A game of laughter and cries

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:29:21 AM

Cricket was not something that became my instant passion. It took time for me to understand the game, the time was not days, weeks, but years.  Not that I was so good at it, or I am now. But I've understood what I was lacking all this time. It was taking it as a game- just a game. For fun.
In past we used to have matches, we won almost all. Losing was so rare a thing. And, cricket always demanded the best of me. Two days ago, I played after many months. The first ball was just as usual, and I took  my first wicket on the second one.
I must admit that it boosted my confidence. I could play. Yes, I was bowling well that day. I was surprised at how I was improving. But not I was not trying to prove myself to them, I was trying to tell myself, "You can do it."
But well, I'm so good at batting. Fielding is just so-so. Stop the bowl anyway- but in a good way. But I was not being able to stand even two-three overs. Always getting out for a "smashing hit". We were playing in a small courtyard, and we had to control our batting. And, it seemed I would never learn. But my turn came again, four overs each- that was what I had to stand this time.  I told myself, "No more shots, just defend. Relax, defend."
And, I did that pretty well. I was happy, but I always found a 'lovely' bowl and my friend at the other end would tempt me to hit it. But I controlled myself. That was it- I played all the four overs. But on the next turn, I failed to practice restraint. "Out".
I was playing after many days. But I do watch a lot of cricket on TV of course. I'm no big fan of India but Indian captaincy continues to woe. I think no player would want to take the captaincy of India- captains are doomed in India. No doubt, Australian tour was a good one for India. They exposed India's weaknesses to the limit, allowing them to sort them out in better ways.
I was surprised, not shocked when Dravid  stepped down from India's captaincy. Yes, the question haunts me too- ‘why’ he gave up the captaincy . His stubbornness in his defence apparently has been good, and one would have to readily accept that the kind of person which he is would not bring any disrespect to the game by pointing a finger or blaming anyone. However, I wonder if the BCCI- such a corrupt institution now- would even deserve Dravid- the one whom India needs as a leader.
Indian cricket is slowly being dominated by the younger generation, but one wonders if it is too early to hand over the Test captaincy to Dhoni.  I don't think Dhoni can do this ahead of Ganguly, Dravid or Tendulkar. My heart cries for Ganguly.

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