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Cool yourself in summers with fruits

Date Added: November 13, 2007 02:39:34 AM

Summer season comes on us and we start looking for ways to keep you cooler. Well, you can find lots of ways to keep your chilled but the best way most be eating huge amount of fruits because they are the natural cooling agents. They have such elements in them that keep you cool and make your skin more health. Fruits contain huge amount of water and sugar that gives high energy in summer.

Following are some fruits that are high on water level and are most important among the fruits to be eaten regularly in summer.

Strawberries - Absolutely red strawberries without any spots are the most delicious and healthy in nature. They have huge amount of vitamin C, potassium, sodium and iron. They can be kept in freeze for a whole year with sugar or without it. If you want to freeze it then never break its steam as it keeps the plant intact. Always wash it before eating

Apricots - They are high in magnesium and supply huge amount of energy and stamina to the body. The amount of vitamin C and iron are responsible for making it many nutrients. At first it is slightly firm with orange color but later turns hard. Keeping them in fridge will make them last longer. Always raise the apricot before eating

Watermelons - They are very high in natural water hence are provide very low calories. They also provide good source of vitamin C and are high in pectin. Watermelon has a thick green skin and bright red colored flesh inside. It should be placed in cool place without cutting it. But once it is cut, they don’t last long. They should be properly washed before eating.

Cherries - They are the fruit with most nutritional values. The sheer amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins present in them make them the best fruit for summer. They are tender fruits so mush be plucked with soft hands and eaten by chewing them. One should remember to buy heavy firm cherries with bright colors. Since they last only for 2 days so you should keep them chilled so that they can remain for longer time. Keeping them in fridge will help them preserve. Rinse the cherries in cool water before eating them.

Pineapples - These are also a better option for summer but might not be suitable for few people with throat problem. They also have high level of minerals, potassium, sulfur and iron. The amounts of vitamin c present in them are also good for bromelain that helps to increase the level of digestion in the body.

Fruits of all types have some kinds of minerals in them. Only some have few in more quantity while some are less. While in summer it is very important to eat as much fruits possible since it keeps the temperature low. The body burns more energy and calories in summer in form of sweat which can only be regenerated by water present in fruits. So, this summer eat fruits and be healthy.

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