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Choosing right web Hosting Company

Date Added: November 13, 2007 01:20:47 AM

A new business owner always seeks professional consultation for his business. But in this process sometimes they fail to get the correct information as many consolation services don’t have enough technical knowledge on web hosting and designing industry. There are tons of companies that are providing hosting services. They have all sorts of packages for every type of website and present huge offers to pull the client. But you should choose any company very carefully. As most companies these days are run by amateurs who buy reseller hosting to sell and simply disappear when there are hosting collapses.

You should have a look at the support system of the company before registering. Test them if possible through different means to find out that they are able to provide correct information and on given time. The time when your site goes down is very critical as you may loose may leads and clients. Your hosting company should be able to describe you the reason for downtime and should come up with a backup solution.

Uptime is another important issue relating to hosting companies. There should not be more than 0.1% downtime for any good hosting and whenever a hosting service goes down the company should inform you well in advance so that you can prepare any backup force. A 24/7 uptime is the most important thing for any website.

These fays due to high traffic and huge upload sometime, server crashes and that can create huge problems for business website. Your company should have a disaster plan in action in such situations to rescue your files. Most companies’ don’t have these features or simply don’t promote it. Ask your company whether they have it or not well before you register with them.

There are some more technical things that you should know about your company. Like temperature control system, backup system, etc. The temperature of the room where server is placed is very important. The high temperature can break the server as well as slow down the bandwidth. This is also critical because high heated server can process slowly which will result in downtime of your site. Secondly, there should be an electricity backup plan. The company should have a good generator in case of black outs of power failure.

The most important thing above all is the price of your hosting. Don’t go for too high priced company thinking they are the best and professional because you can get the best of services in very cheap price. Moreover too childish plan can also be avoided.   Most hosting companies have a similar pricing package with most common features. Sometimes they add up the price simply for adding a small feature. Ask the company about each and every service they offer. Compare between two hosting companies before going with one and even read reviews on internet from ex-clients of that company to know more about their service.

Locating a perfect hosting requires good research dedication because your slight mistake can dent your website. So, choose the right hosting with right features and accurate price.

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